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«In the evolutionary process new species of living beings descend from some old species, and you should see to it that new species of intelligent races on Earth descend from yours»

(Unknown author)

The natural selection is an obvious property of the nature, which is a disposal of the non-viable individuals, and adaptation to the environmental conditions. The natural selection cannot drive the evolution, that is, the new species cannot appear for the following reasons:

  • Adaptation to the environmental conditions cannot be a cause of the life forms complication. For example, the most viable and undemanding creatures are the simplest microorganisms, but the mammals and humans require a compliance with a lot of conditions.
  • An infinite number of species, which are the intermediate evolutionary stages, should exist, but only a finite number of the species exists really, excluding various breeds.

The Earth and other planets as well as the stars and the regular galaxies are some kind of the living organisms, which have own matrix and own life cycle.

The life of a star or a planet begins from its energetics, i.e. from the hydrodynamic and the aetheric vortices, which create the electromagnetic field and the energy channels network. The planetary matrix contains the wave genetics of all organic life forms, which can inhabit the planetary biosphere. The first bacteria DNA is created in a salty alkaline ocean water from the organic substances, and then the resulting biomass becomes a substratum for the more complicated aquatic life forms, which then gradually disembark on the land. The planet launches the evolution or involution of the individual species in the specific points of space and time.

The Earth’s life evolution consists of the periods, each of which is reduced with respect to the previous period with a ratio, which is close to the golden section 0,618:

Start time,
millions of years
Period ratio Era Dominant life form Result
minerals environment for bacteria
–4000 Archean anaerobic organisms initial biomass
–2500 0,6 Paleoproterozoic cyanobacteria oxygen
–1600 0,67 Mesoproterozoic multicellular plankton
–1000 0,77 Neoproterozoic plants, imperfect animals soil
–541 0,63 Paleozoic arthropods, insects populating of land
–252 0,644 Mesozoic reptiles, fish, birds food for mammals
–66 Cenozoic mammals, human noosphere
about +50

The Paleozoic era is a time of the giant social insects (see "Goblins").

The noosphere is formed by the usual living organisms as well as by the spiritual essences, which continue their life by interacting with the living beings. The active formation of the noosphere began with the intelligent insects of the Paleozoic era. So the noosphere is full of the insectoid and reptiloid obsolete mind forms. The examples are given in the chapters "Kabbalah" and "Aliens".

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