Birth and death

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The monad of a spiritual essence of animals and humans is eternal, and its matrix is capable to alter itself during the spirit incarnation into a material life form, accumulating an experience, which is called "karma" (action) in the Indian philosophy.

The impregnation, birth, incarnation, materialization is the embodiment of a spiritual essence into a newly created material form.

The life evokes the desires and the actions to meet them. Any action causes a counteraction, which accordingly alters the spiritual matrix. This could result in the addiction to any object. This bond could exist as long as possible, including a posthumous existence.

The death, decarnation, dematerialization is a destruction of the material life form. After death, the essence usually reunites with other essences, to which it was addicted at the life time.

The reincarnation is a rebirth of the essence after its death. The human memory of facts and events of the past life is restored hardly, because the new brain starts the new countdown, breaking off the old chains of associations. In the case of recovery, the events and knowledge of the past lives are recalled up to the language knowledge.

The mental addiction to the material objects is a main cause of the cyclical reincarnation, which is called "wheel of samsara" in the Indian philosophy. The transition from one life form to another form (personal evolution of the essence) occurs after the corresponding changes in a set of the desires.

The selfishness is a presence of the imaginary border between the essence ("ego") and the surrounding world. The resulting separation causes a sustained desire for the world domination, possession and absorption. The material world in the Indian philosophy is called the illusion "Maya", which gives an illusory pleasure, eventually causing the reincarnation. Here are the ways to get rid of the illusory pleasures and reincarnation:

  • Selfishness and the tendency to possess the slaves and to absorb the victims. This is a dark pathway of thedemons, who are at a risk to become the slaves or victims, in turn.
  • Training, which results in the selfishness riddance and in the enlightenment. This is an original way of the Buddhists and the Christian ascetics by the suppression of desires and emotions.
  • Love as an opposition to the selfishness. This is a positive way of light.

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