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The vital energy types:

The aetheric energy of the surrounding space, which is called "akasha" in Hinduism, is naturally concentrated by the aetheric annular vortices of humans and animals, which are called "chakra" (wheel) in Hinduism. It is distributed through the channels, which are named the meridians in the Chinese medicine and "nadi" in Hinduism. Any organism lives only in the continuous circulation of the aetheric energy, so the prana can be compared with the atmospheric oxygen.

The neutral aetheric energy acquires the genetic informational component of a body, and it is stored mainly in the root chakra, or in the body center, that is, in the lower torso. This energy is called "kundalini" in Hinduism. The base energy potential with the inherited genetic information is acquired by children from parents within the impregnating act. This energy and information is called "Yuan Qi" in the Chinese medicine.

The kundalini energy circulates mainly in its own place, providing the minimal vital functions: nutrition (intestine) and reproduction (genitals). Under certain circumstances, the kundalini circulates through the channels ("nadi", meridians) over the additional annular vortices (chakras), greatly increasing the spiritual (mental) and even the psychic abilities. The typical ways to improve the kundalini circulation are:

  • Love of the opposite genders (more than sexual intercourse) is a natural and harmonious way, which leads not far but safely. The vortices of the opposite charges are connecting by the multiple channels, acquiring an additional energy of the surrounding space. The most powerful energy stream flows through the partners hearts, combining them for a long time.
  • Indian Yoga (Sanskrit: “to unite”, “to join”) is an inharmonious insecure individual way to develop the capabiliies, including the psychic. The psychophysical exercises help to achieve the energetic feeding of the chakras through the vertebrate kundalini channels: “Sushumna” (central), “Pingala” (right, masculine, solar) and “Ida” (left, female, moon).
  • Narcotics (from alcohol to opium) are the easily accessible unnatural ways to cancel the mechanisms of energy retention and filtration, which results in a short-term illusion of increase in the energy due to release of its circulation. The side effects are the changes in metabolism (if not LSD is used) and some general damage of the health (mainly mental).

The Jewish religious (see "Kabbalah") understanding of the human energetics, which is distributed also to other abrahamic religions (Christianity and Islam), is fundamentally different from the Aryan understanding. The abrahamic understanding implies a single creator God, as the unique source of "light" and happiness, that is, all the necessary vital energy and information. This creator, through the intermediate hierarchy, fills by the adapted "light" all the beings, who consist of the sephirot-vessels (the same spherical vortex rings or chakras).

Classical scheme of the human energetic centers
Chakra (by Vedas) Sephirah, vessel (Kabbalah) «Subtle body»
(by Blavatsky)
European Sanskrit dark feminine light masculine organs
Crown (fontanelle) Sahasrara (lotus) Keter (crown) - Atma, monad
Forehead Ajna (control) Binah (understanding) Chokhmah (wisdom) brain hemispheres Budhial
Da’at (knowledge)
Throat Vishuddha (purity) Gevurah (judgment) Chesed (kindness) arms Causal
Heart Anahata (safety) Tiferet (adornment) torso Mental
Abdomen Manipura (gem) Hod (majesty) Netzach (victory) legs Astral
Sexual Swadhisthana (ego) Yesod (foundation) genitals Etheric
Root Muladhara (root) Malkuth (kingdom) whole body Physical

The fundamental difference between the Vedic Aryan representations and the Jewish Kabbalistic ideas:

  • Vedas. Kundalini rises "bottom up" with the gradual purification of the rude energy into the fine and clean, which flows out from the "fontanelle" or the crown chakra. The name of the non-ossified area on the children's skull top is the fontanel in English, and the “rodnitshok” (source, spring) in Russian.
  • Kabbalah. The "light" fills "top down", from the higher adapting mediator between God and human. The kundalini path is blocked by the religious rules: a contempt for the sexual relations, and absence of something like yoga or tantra.

The powerful aetheric energetics results in the following psychophysical phenomena:

  • Attraction of the magnetic (iron) objects to a body. The aetheric vortices have their own magnetic field.
  • Pyrokinesis is the thermal effects of the aetheric vortices up to the plasma generation.
  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis (moving objects by thoughts). The aetheric flows have a mechanical dynamic pressure, and they are controlled psychophysically. It is especially easy for the poltergeists, but not for the organic organisms.
  • Levitation of Yogis. An ascendant aetheric flow in a vertical spine and in the rest of a body is closed by a descending flow through the surrounding space. As a result, the body moves upwards without support. It is the only way to travel for the disembodied spirits. This principle is also used in the vehicles such as "vimana" (see "Tech of Gods" and "Transport").

The heart is a center of the global human aetheric vortex. The monad of this vortex has a shape of the stellated octahedron (stella octangula), which is called Mer-Ka-Ba in the ancient Egyptian, and which connects a spiritual (Ka) essence with a material (Ba) essence. A flat analogue of this object is depicted in the Hindu symbol of the heart chakra (Anahata) as well as in the Jewish star "Magen David" ("Shield of David"). The name David means "beloved”, and the Jewish star probably symbolizes the love. The Hebrew word "merkavah" refers to the chariot or the "Throne of God".

The heart joins a man and a woman into the complete being, which is divided at the heart area into the lower and upper halves. The women's power is stronger within the root lower chakras, and the men’s within the upper chakras. A woman is the emotional and energetic support of a man.

The Jewish Kabbalah suggests the join ("Da’at") of some non-human being, which is divided vertically into the masculine and feminine sides (see «Adam»). The energy of the Jewish creator God stimulates separately the left masculine brain hemisphere (should be right "Chokmah", wisdom), and the right feminine (should be left "Binah", understanding). The human hemispheres are not only reversed with respect to the autonomic nervous system, but the left hemisphere is serial (logical), and the right is parallel (imagery). And because the male mind is stronger, the one-sided sequential logical thinking dominates in the world of the Jewish creator God.

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