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The goblins are the ugly humanoid creatures from the Western European mythology, which live in the underground caves and afraid of sunlight.

The Internet distributes a scanned printout of a Russian scientific text (see here) about the "aliens" anatomy and physiology. The unknown author considers them as an extraterrestrial life form. This printout apparently relates to the days of mass leakage of a classified information in the disintegrating USSR (80th or 90th years), because the holes of a Soviet hole puncher are seen on the sheets, and the font belongs to the old dot matrix printer models. The first damaged sheet tells something on the year 1965. The next sheets tell about some high-level arthropods such as the ants or termites of length up to 2,5m, who are living in the appropriate society.

General anatomy
Section Shape Organs
Upper (lophophore) pipe Antennae, compound eyes or small eyes (of workers), upper limbs.
Middle (branchiofore) four vesicles Grab-devouring organ, doubled respiratory and speech organs.
Lower (viscerotheka) ellipsoid Developed brain (with gyri), heart, digestion system and lower limbs.

Their features:

  • Cerebral magnetosensitive apparatus (sheet 7, 8) is the main organ of vision and communication, which is based on the images.
  • High-level individuals are diploid and reproduce sexually, while the low-level individuals are haploid and, apparently, do not breed (sheet 10).
  • Optimal composition of the atmosphere is: 13% of oxygen, up to 7% of carbon dioxide, at a humidity of 90-100% and a usual pressure. The increase in the oxygen content to 21% or the decrease in humidity to 40% sharply worsens the condition (sheet 14).
  • Inactive cells do not need any energy, so the individuals endure freezing or drying (sheet 15).
  • Most individuals do not have the pre-digestion, and they eat a biomass, which is produced by the special devourers, who are the cannibals sometimes (sheet 20). The defecation occurs spontaneously (sheet 21).
  • Social status is determined by the pheromones of the status gland (sheet 24).
  • Professional activity (work, military, religious) is performed reflexively and instinctively (sheet 26).
  • Workers feel the light, and they are afraid of it (sheet 26). The optical vision of the high-level individuals has a high resolution, but it is 20 times worse than the human one, and it cannot focus (sheet 27).

A Russian historian G.A. Sidorov wrote[1], that the giant intelligent insects lived on Earth "billions" years ago. Perhaps, after all the cataclysms, which happened on the planetary surface, the degraded descendants of these creatures still live in the underground caves.

An American geologist and a structural engineer Philip Schneider, during the construction of the underground bases in 1979, found an underground cavern, which was inhabited by the creatures that Americans call the “aliens”. When he killed two of them by a personal pistol, they began to shoot at all the people (in the cave along with "aliens" were some unidentified men) by a certain weapon, which is described as a box on their body. Schneider was wounded and infected with a radioactive isotope of cobalt.


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