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The first colonies on the territory of USA and Canada had a very diverse ethnic and religious composition. In addition to the Europeans, there were the African slaves and the Native Americans. Of course, the respectable gentlemen were rare among the first settlers (pioneers), who were the ancestors of the majority of the population of USA and Canada. Mostly they were the poor peasants, the petty criminals and other adventurers, who looked for new opportunities in the New World. The security of most of the pioneers was provided by a self-defense, and the citizens of USA (but not the British Canada) traditionally have a right to use the firearms.

The Seven Years' War (1756–1763) or the real “first world war” had finally determined the Britain as the leading colonial empire. This war is notable for the participation of many Indians in alliance with the French against the British. Only the warlike Iroquois (English: “true vipers”), the first Indians who used the firearms, were on the British side.

There were few events soon after this war, a connection between which is obvious:

The U.S. Federal Government is almost a copy of the British government. The difference is in the authority names:

Power USA Britain
Legislative Congress Parliament
Senate House of Lords
House of Representatives House of Commons
Executive President Prime Minister
Departments and agencies Departments
Judicial Supreme Court Supreme Court
Sheriff's sign
Sheriff's sign

The Founding Fathers of the independent federation of USA had to put in order a motley conglomerate, which inhabited the territory of USA, by the hired "bounty hunters" and by the revived Anglo-Saxon sheriffs, who are still exist in addition to the police of States/cities and the FBI. The medieval history of the colonization of Britain was repeated for America in the modern period. In addition to the etymology of a word "Sheriff" (see "Britain"), it should be noted that the signs of some sheriffs resemble the Star of David.

History of the U.S. Central banks and the Federation expansion
Begin End Name Government share Result
1781 = 1771 + 10 1783 Bank of North America (a clone of the Bank of England) 60%
1791 = 1771 + 20 1811 First Bank of the U.S. 20% Purchase of the French Louisiana.
1816 (after Napoleon) 1833 Second Bank of the U.S. 20% Purchase of the Western Mexican lands (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Gadsden Purchase).

1812, the Russians founded Fort Ross to supply Alaska with food.

1830's, splitting of the ruling party into the Democrats and the Whigs, who later became the Republicans and opposed the Freemasons and the slavery. The democratic government, which was headed by A. Jackson, removed the Indians into the Oklahoma badlands and gave their lands to the southern slaveholders. This caused the mass death of Indians.

1836, Texas was separated from Mexico and then attached to the USA in 1845.

1841, Fort Ross at the future California was sold to the Mexicans. California was grown thanks to the gold found on its land.

1850, California becomes a state of the USA, and it's still the richest and most populated.

By 1861, the USA almost achieved their modern shapes, but they remained a motley conglomerate of the different nations and economic traditions. The latter resulted in the formation of the industrial (bourgeois) North and the slave-holding South. The North was represented by the Republican Party, and the South by the Democrats. The political struggle led to the famous Civil War between the northern federation and the southern Confederacy. The victory of the Republicans, who was headed by A. Lincoln, and the abolishment of a primitive slavery followed by a period of the rapid development:

  • The central banks became the national banks, which emitted the US dollars.
  • Purchase of the Russian Alaska (1867). The gold mining on the Klondike River.
  • Industrial Revolution.
  • Construction of the rail network, which displaced the horse drawn wagons. Although the nomadic wagons remained in the XX century as the trailers.
  • Foundation of the scientific institutions and the high schools.
  • The improved quality of life and new opportunities attracted the immigrants from whole the world, who caused the increase in quantity and quality of the population. For example, the inventor N. Tesla realized himself in the USA.

Lincoln was murdered immediately after his victory during the Jewish holiday of Passover, which symbolizes a liberation of the Jews-Democrats from the main Republican and Yankee.

The Wild West had been eliminated just before the XX century after the police departments of cities and states were strengthened, and also the Federal agencies (FBI, marshals) were established.

1913, the independent Federal Reserve System (Fed) had monopolized the emitting of the US dollars. 1914, the world war; an export of the weapons and other goods from USA; a fall down of the gold prices; the US dollar became stronger. After this war, the world domination started to move away from the British Empire towards the USA.

H. Ford is a famous American auto industrialist and a writer. A quote: "If the 50 Jewish financiers, who are richer than I am, who create war for their own profits, were subject to public control, then wars will be eliminated" [1].

The Great Depression of 1930's: a crisis of the US economy and of the entire capitalist world after the "gold" or "roaring" 1920’s. Some of the reasons were:

  • «Prohibition», which caused the alcohol production in the criminal sphere and growth of the organized crime.
  • The strong trade unions, who demanded the improvements for the workers.
  • The designation of the U.S. economy for a world war, in which the United States itself would stay almost neutral.

As a result of the global crisis, Hitler (see "Nazism") appeared on the political arena in 1933. In the same year, the great president F. D. Roosevelt, who was elected to three consecutive terms, began a successful crisis management, which obviously used the experience of Stalin's USSR:

  • Buying a gold from the population.
  • Repeal of the prohibition, which brought a revenue from the alcohol production.
  • Administrative regulation of the economy.
  • Legalization of the trade unions.
  • Social security system.
  • The labor camps for the unemployed.

When the WW2 began in 1938, the “New deal” of Roosevelt began to collapse as unnecessary. The USA in 1944, which were almost not affected by any world war, had collected enough gold to tie the US dollar to the gold by the Bretton Woods agreement. Roosevelt died a month before the end of war from a bleeding in the brain as well as Stalin later. A Soviet historian-academician L. N. Ivanov stated that Roosevelt died a violent death. His death occurred one week after the Jewish Passover.

The winners of WW2, more the USA and less the USSR, had got the scientific and technical achievements of the Germans and the Japanese:

The CIA is an independent secret service, which was created in 1947 and which features are similar to the MGB of USSR headed by L. Beria. Additionally, the “think tank” for the military scientific research was established in 1948, a nonprofit RAND Corporation, which has determined the structure of Internet, for example.

The U.S. Department of defense (Pentagon) was actually created only in 1947 in connection with a future "cold war". It also has its own secret intelligence service: National Security Agency (NSA).

The NATO was created in 1949 as the global armed forces, in which the leadership is assigned to the US and the UK. This organization had become truly global after the USSR collapse. The U.S. Armed Forces were always recruited on a voluntary and professional basis.

The president J. F. Kennedy (JFK) tried to control the CIA and interested in the secret documents about the UFOs (see "Aliens") 10 days before his assassination in 1963 [2]. Some conspiracy theorists believe that he was murdered because of his attempt to nationalize the dollar, but the national banknotes were produced before and after the Kennedy’s presidency.

The lunar program Apollo, which was started by JFK, had a political significance, and it was stopped simultaneously with the Soviet lunar program of Khrushchev. One of the first astronauts, who landed on the Moon was a freemason B. Aldrin in 1969. The actual process of these flights is unknown. Their unusually intensive tracking by the UFOs is officially confirmed by the NASA representative Donald L. Zistra upon completion of the program in 1973 [3]. The published photos and footage look suspicious.

The liberal democracy actually defeated the Republicans by 1960's in the USA and in the world. The following phenomena started to develop:

The Vietnam War for the liberal democracy against the expansion of the USSR and China featured a lot of sophisticated weapons, which surprisingly did not help to win the war for the following reasons:

  • The Asian pilots are more fragile and cannot withstand the high accelerations in the aerial combat. Thus, the Americans, who had an advantage in the air battles against the Japanese, were defeated in Vietnam to the hidden Soviet pilots [1]. Perhaps the stories of the war participant Edgar Fouche are related to this. He told about a top-secret U.S. Air Force aircraft, which withstands an unimaginable g-force for an aircraft.
  • The Americans in WW2 fighted against the regular armies, which were not the most powerful in the world. In Vietnam, they encountered the semi-partisans, the masters of jungles and dungeons full of predators. So the genocide and the ecocide were desperately used.
  • The drug abuse and the moral decay of the American mercenaries. The morphine, as a pain reliever, was widely used in the U.S. Army since the Civil War. The Pervitin (methamphetamine), which was invented and firstly used by the German Nazis, was also widely used in Vietnam for "courage".

In 1976, after the failure in Vietnam and the problems with supporting the U.S. dollar by a gold, the international bankers had globally canceled the gold standard. This Jamaican currency system had left the population of the world with the colored pieces of paper. Almost all modern currencies are issued by the central banks with a discount rate, and their reserves are the U.S. dollars in particular. The slow inflation is constrained by the permanent growth of GDP, about which the governments of all the countries are always concerned.

An actor Ronald Reagan became a president in 1981 and announced the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), a modern warfare against the Soviet missiles, which utilizes a laser also. This idea was inspired by the epic American movie “Star Wars”. This system was not implemented in reality.

The USSR collapse and the free exchange of ruble had resulted in the strengthening of the U.S. dollar and the increase in a consumption of the Russian raw resources. On the other hand, the USA had lost their enemy, for which their military–industrial complex existed. As a result, in the 1990s, the Muslim Mujahideen abruptly switched from Afghanistan to the terrorism (Al-Qaeda of Osama bin Laden, etc.), which became the enemy of USA and of the entire civilized world.

The features of the real ordinary international terrorists are:

  • The indetermined religious affiliation or the superficial knowledge of Islam, which is learned from the various brochures.
  • The multinational mix (including Africans and the Eastern Europeans) of the well-paid and well-armed mercenaries. Allegedly, the "Allah gives" them money and weapons.

The Taliban is an organization of the Afghan students, which emerged after the USSR collapse. The Taliban controls the opium production, so that the Afghanistan share in the global opium production has reached 80-90% in the 2000's.

The terrorist attack of 11 September 2001 is the culmination of the so-called war against the international terrorism, the “reason" for the Iraq War. The experts on the controlled demolition understand how these twin towers in New York were actually destroyed.

Both the U.S. invasions into the Iraq are marked by a Jewish holiday of Purim, which symbolizes the salvation of Israel from the Arabs. The "Desert storm" is a perfect military operation, which is completed exactly on Purim in 1991. The long Iraq War of the 2000s began exactly on Purim.

The former Yugoslavian President Milošević died in 2006, 3 days before the holiday of Purim, which probably symbolizes the salvation of Jews from exposing their lies about the events of 1990's in Yugoslavia.

2006, start of the growing global economic crisis, which cannot be eliminated within the current system, because this system has failed to fully conquer Russia, the Heartland of the world.

2011, all the world's media reported that the elusive main terrorist Osama bin Laden is eliminated, and his corpse was thrown into the sea! The Mujahideen has abruptly switched to the Arab Spring, which is the massive overthrow of the ruling regimes in the Arab countries.

Jewish holidays
Date Holiday Event Connection of event with holiday
19.03.2011 Purim Start of the Syrian War (4 days before).
Intervention in Libya.
Salvation of Israel.
11.04.2011 Passover
(–8 days)
Minsk metro bombing. Crisis in Belarus, a liberation from dictatorship.
20.10.2011 Sukkot
(+1 day)
Murder of Muammar Gaddafi. Looting of Libya is a harvesting.
Execution is a sacrifice.
28.11.2013 Hannukah Vilnius Summit of Eastern Partnership. Attack on the Orthodox (Greek) world.
Development of the Ukrainian crisis in the way of "Arab Spring".
16.03.2014 Purim Republic of Crimea ("New Israel”). Salvation of Israel's population.


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