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Corresponding Wikipedia article: Ufology

The UFOs are the flying (swimming) objects of unknown origin, which often behave like the living beings. Their distinctive feature is the motion or, in general, the existence based on the aetheric annular vortex. Here is a general classification of the observed UFOs:

  • Plasmoids, which arise in the powerful electromagnetic fields. For example, a short-living ball lightning, which originates from an ordinary lightning.
  • Primary life forms (see "Life theory"), which are called the spirits, including the poltergeists. Usually, they are invisible or visible in the infrared. Having enough energy, they can become the long-living ball lightnings (plasmoids), which appear and disappear spontaneously.
  • Artificial flying vehicles (see "Transport").

The UFO plasma cloud ozonizes an air and decomposes the organics (dust, microbes, etc.), producing also the sulfur compounds with a pungent smell. Therefore, the UFOs are traditionally associated with the "evil spirits".

«Crop circles» are made by the living high-energy UFOs by the following process:

  • An aetheric vortex like an atmospheric tornado of a certain circular cross-section is created between the UFO and the ground. This vortex crushes the ears on a field, shaping a circle, when the vortex pipe is vertical, or an ellipse, when it’s inclined.
  • Several UFOs move in a certain way in the straight lines between themselves or in the circles around each other.

The genuine "circles", as a result, have the following constituent elements:

  • Single and concentric circles or ellipses.
  • Arcs of circles.
  • Straight bridges, which connect the elements together.

The beautiful ornaments of the more complicated elements, as well as the "encrypted messages", have a dubious origin. The raster images of pixels are certainly the technical fakes. The fake pictures are widespread in the Western Europe and in the United States.

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