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On the background of traditional spaceships, a few original works are noticeable:

  • Science fiction novel "Contact" [1] by astrophysicist Carl Sagan was published in 1985. The movie “Contact” based on this novel was released in 1997. The extraterrestrials helped people to build a certain machine with three orthogonal spinning concentric spheres and a cabin with a chair. The spheres were replaced by the rings in the movie. The travel is accompanied by the time anomalies, visions of tunnels and funnels.
  • Series of books by an engineer Preston Nichols about the "Montauk" project was published between 1992 and 2000 as the documentaries. Allegedly, the various Tesla devices, including a chair with three orthogonal coils and the spinning wheels, were used from 1971 to 1983 by the scientists and psychics to create the channels-tunnels into other worlds and other times.
  • Popular 1994 movie "Stargate" and the cycle of series with the same name. There are some rings and channels, but the people rely on the technique without parapsychology.

Where the scientist Carl Sagan got an idea, which is so similar to the Preston Nichols’s extensive information, which was published after the Sagan’s novel release?

Carl Sagan in the past, in the early 1960s, talked about the conditions on the Venus surface, when nobody could know about it. The Soviet probe "Venera-4", which firstly landed on this planet surface, confirmed the Sagan’s data in 1967.

In the late 1980s, the scientific interest was suddenly applied to the so-called "wormholes" and "time machines" with a participation of Carl Sagan, who is known as the pseudoscience enemy. The physicists Mike Morris and Kip Stephen Thorne even had substantiated them hardly in the terms of Einstein's General Relativity, releasing a scientific article[2] in 1988.

The chronological summary:

  • 1971-1983. Montauk Project.
  • 1985. "Contact" novel.
  • 1988. A scientific article about the wormholes and time machines.
  • 1992. First Nichols's book.
  • 1994. "Stargate" movie.
  • 1997. "Contact" movie. First "Stargate" series.
  • 2000. Last Nichols's book.
  • 2011. End of the "Stargate" longest-running series.


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