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The aetheric vortices are characterized by the energy and density, i.e. by the positive scalars. The aetheric vortices field, that is a torsion field or an axion field, is also the scalar field.

A bundle of the powerful aetheric vortices, which converges to a target point, can be the Tesla’s "death ray" or a scalar weapon shot. The torsion waves, unlike the conventional radio waves, have an ability to focus accurately.

The reasons of the top secrecy of the scalar weapons and the prohibition of research on the torsion fields are their incredible properties:

  • Deep penetration through the dielectric materials, such as the stone and concrete. Iron is more transparent to this radiation than the non-magnetic, but mechanically less stable, metals (copper, aluminum). The fusible aluminum is more susceptible to the cold melting (Hutchison effect).
  • Eddy currents defeat the electrical equipment (electrical machines, transformers), and especially electronics.
  • Defeat of the living organisms, because they are more than half consist of the electrolyte. The typical defeat is the penetrating burns and drying, which is similar to the microwave radiation effect.
  • Ability of the psychotronic action on the nervous system by a special tuning.
  • No need for any ammunition, which may be lacking, or be inappropriate to a weapon or to a purpose. Only an energy source is required.
  • Very small shooting recoil, because a single vortex energy is small, and most of the energy is in a circular motion but not in a linear motion.
  • High range and accuracy similar to the rifling weapons, when the electrostatic and magnetic interference do not exist.
  • Ability to trace the shoots by producing the plasmoids.

The effective protection methods:

  • The powerful aetheric vortex as a protective field around the object. The affecting vortices of the same electric charge sign are repelled from the protective field, and the vortices of the opposite sign are absorbed by it. In both cases, the protective field gets only a mechanical momentum, which is distributed throughout its volume.
  • The copper (bronze) shields.

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