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The management structure is based on the natural properties of the life:

Evolutionary level CSS (CPS) priority
Physical, inorganic Organic, vegetable Animal Human (extension of animal)
Energy Information External management 1 Worldview
Instincts Unconscious, unknowable, uncontrollable
Vision, hearing, association Images, music (natural common information) 2 Analytics, chronology
3 Fact-description
Energy Energy, sensation Abstraction, signs, speech, logic (artificial specialized information) 2 Analytics, chronology
3 Fact-description
4 Economics
Feeling, passion, thinking (information processing) 4 Economics
5 Genocide
Force Force Emotions, desires Emotions (anxiety, fear, sadness, joy etc.) 5 Genocide
Motion Desire (immediate cause of action)
Action 6 Force

The technocratic civilization sets a human against the nature, amplifies his selfishness and gives him a power over the nature, and also over other people. The hierarchical (see "Kabbalah") power is achieved by deterrence of most people on a vegetable-animal level of their life.



The reliable information is a key to the high-level power over those who do not have it. The knowledge is the same as an advantage of the guiding sighted person over the guided blind ones, the same as a light, which illuminates the darkness. In many Slavonic languages, the verbs "to know" (Russian: “vedat’”), "to see" (Russian: “videt’”) and "to drive" (Russian: “vodit’”) have almost the same root.

The authorities at all times tried to protect the crowd of the unwanted knowledge, and they even distributed the disinformation. This had produced a division of all knowledge into the secret elite knowledge and the mass public knowledge. The simplified diagram of the social elite evolution along with the modern technocratic civilization development consists of three stages:

  1. Psychics or magicians (shamans, witches etc.), who live among the ordinary people and chosen due to their natural gifts of clairvoyance, healing, etc.
  2. Enclosed castes of the aware priests out of the magicians and sorcerers (Russian: kaldun) (e.g. Chaldeans). They teach the crowd about the Gods existence in a spiritual form of the natural forces or the kings' ancestors. For example: Aryan and Egyptian Gods.
  3. Secret societies, which on behalf of a single God systematically hide the truth and spread the lies. Examples: a falsification of history, a misinterpretation of facts, a shift in emphasis.

The artifacts is a usual method to store and hide the information. The extinct ancient civilizations have left a lot of the obscure artifacts in a form of the megalithic structures and the skillfully manufactured products.

The ancient books were the valuable handmade artifacts, which were collected in the libraries and had a sacred and strategic importance. For example, it is believed, that the Library of Alexandria was looted and burned by the Romans, but it could be finally included into the Vatican Library, particularly into its secret archive. The printing invention in the days of Reformation had reduced the value and importance of the books. Since the Enlightenment, more authors emerged and yet more their books emerged, which become more and more entertaining and frivolous. In the recent times, the cheap newspapers are filled by a mercantile information.

The telecommunications invention (beginning from the telegraphy) is a start of the era of aether as an informational medium, which gradually replaces the traditional paper-based media. All forms of the telecommunications are under the authorities control.


Energy is a minor (after information) key to a power, which directly controls the life.

Energy source Description
Bread and alcohol»)
Storage and distribution of the national provision is centralized and monopolized since the times of the priest Imhotep (biblical Joseph, see "Judaism").
(coil, oil, gas)
In the modern times, the control over these classic energy sources for the household and machines is very beneficial.
Electricity It’s a well-known form of the universal aetheric energy for the electric drives, telecommunications, computers and various conveniences (heating, lighting, etc.). More than half of all electricity is produced from the combustibles. The electricity distribution is centralized.

The free energy from the compact and simple generators can seriously undermine the power of the combustibles owners, which are the largest multinational corporations and a part of the world government. A lot of the electricity companies may also suffer due to decentralization of the electricity production and distribution. The cost of many goods and services will be decreased, increasing the overall social quality of life.

The mass media information on the new forms of the free energy is limited now to the "cold" nuclear fusion (see "Nuclear chemistry"), which promises a cheaper alternative to the existing nuclear power.

At the same time, some area of technology stays without the widespread attention. This area includes the patented inventions and the real products, which are related to a "perpetual motion" of some kind (see "Aetheric vortical machines"), which is persistently not noticed by the official science supported by the authorities. Examples:

  • Nikola Tesla is widely known only due to its transformer, although the number of his inventions is much more.
  • Viktor Schauberger does not occur practically in the scientific literature, despite the demonstration of the original physical effects.
  • Richard Clem in 1972 signed a contract with some coal company for the development of an automobile engine consuming only about 8 gallons of vegetable oil per 150,000 miles. As they said, Clem, a healthy operator of heavy machinery, died suddenly of a heart attack, and his workshop was inspected by the authorities.
  • John Searl, due to invention of his free electricity generator, was persecuted by the authorities represented by the local electricity company. Among his not numerous fellows were Russian scientists V.V. Roschin and S.M. Godin in the 1990s. Despite the availability of working products, this technology did not get the public support.


The weapons and the armed forces is a third (after the energy and information) key to a power, which is required for the military intervention into an unmanaged process. The access to the weapons is limited, and there are always some secret weapons. The secrecy can extend not only to the technical information but also to the research areas, which are related to the effective weapons, such as:

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