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The National Socialism (Nazism) is an attempt of resistance against the Zionist internationalism, at first sight. The German National Socialism, which is based on the Nietzsche’s philosophy and on the pseudoscientific esotericism, was used for the purpose of Zionism under the guise of the populist antisemitism. While Zionism was losing the influence on the Soviet Union in the face of the Trotskyists, the Germany could solve this problem by the brutal force, because the information way (see "Marxism–Leninism") has not gave the desired result. Weimar Republic provided the equal rights both for Jews and Germans, and was actively monitored by the influential Zionists, who brought the Nazis to power. The German economy was so depressed, that its industrial enterprises were cheaply bought by the American businessmen, who then secretly funded the establishment of military industries of Reich, which required the foreign loans[1]. Switzerland, which is located just between Germany and France, remained sovereign and almost untouched during the WWII, and its banks served to the Nazis. The Americans and the British helped the Russians in this war somehow (for example, in case of the convoy PQ-17), and had landed in the Normandy only when the outcome of this war was clear and Stalin could go right up to Spain and could "liberate" the whole Germany and France. The operation of saving the Europe from the Soviet Union was planned since 1943 under the name "Rankin", which was renamed then to "Overlord", and also the "Unthinkable".

The term "Aryans" has acquired some negative connotation due to the German Nazis, and therefore it was decided to replace this term by the "Indo-Europeans". The German scientists could not easy determine the exact origin and definition of this people, and also the Kurgan hypothesis did not even exist. However, the Nazis knew about the eastern origin of the term "Aryans", and they chose the swastika as their symbol and had sent an expedition to the Tibetan Buddhist monks. On the basis of political considerations, the relatively young nations of Germans, Norwegians, Swedes, etc. were assigned of course to the Aryan race. The real Aryans had no idea of the Nazi racial hygiene and were "dissolved" among many peoples of Eurasia long ago. This cannot be said about the Jews, who practice even the incest for the sake of "racial purity". However, the Nazi philosophy matches with the Aryan philosophy and with Yoga partly: "Mens sana in corpore sano".

The Nazi elite was half-Jewish [2]: Hitler (Führer), Hess (Deputy Führer), Goebbels (propaganda), Himmler (head of SS), R. Heydrich (chief of the police and the security SD), Eichmann (a son of an accountant, a Gestapo member, who solved the Jewish question), W. Canaris (head of Abwehr), J. Streicher (Adam Goldberg, a publisher of a newspaper), Hans Frank (a hereditary lawyer, the governor of Poland, F. Franco (a descendant of Marrano, the Spanish dictator). A simple German warrior Ernst Röhm did not fit into this elite.

The Zionists were building the State of Israel in the British Palestine with the Jewish religious language (Hebrew), where they tried to deport the able-bodied European Jews under the threat of killing by the Nazis. Only a few of the rich noble Jews came into the ghetto, camps and Palestine. There are the banned German books on the subject of the real Hitler's Nazism: the research of a professor Dietrich Bronder «Before Hitler Came»[2], and a more popular book by Hennecke Kardel [3].

The Nuremberg Trials had been finished 4 days before the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, which symbolizes the "day of reckoning" for the Nazis. The sentenced prisoners were executed on the last day of Sukkot (a Jewish holiday), which symbolizes the sacrifice at the feast of harvest, that is a robbery of the occupied Reich. The 12 persons were sentenced to death, but only 10 of them, which is a number of sons of the antisemitic Haman, were hanged. The remaining two were the lost Bormann and the aviation minister Göring, who awarded a honorable death by poisoning. However, the winners were indebted to the Luftwaffe for the achievements in aviation (see "Transport").


Warning! The Holocaust denial is a crime in most of the Western European countries!

The Holocaust ("whole burnt" in Greek) is the myths, which surrounds the "Jewish question", and which were dispelled by Jürgen Graf and other revisionists. The conception of Holocaust goes back to the Hebrew cult of Moloch, which consists in the mass burnt in Gehenna (the valley of Hinnom). The war really somehow took the lives of about 100 millions of people, and about half of them are the civilians. The number of dead Jews ranges from 1 to 6 millions according to various estimates. The maximum estimate is based only on the interpretation of the original Torah (Leviticus, 25:10), according to which the Jews would return to the country of their fathers after the loss of 6 million of their people[4]. Many Jews actually died in the Nazi camps. This was the "Final Solution" of the “Jewish Question", because these "withered branches of Israel” were not adopted by any country including Palestine. It should be noted that the terms "death camp" and "extermination camp" had emerged only after the war, and these terms do not exist in any document of the Reich.

It is considered that a lot of victims of the Holocaust ("burning") were sophisticatedly strangled by an insecticide, then burned in the crematoriums, and their ashes were scattered (without a trace!). Although this has no proofs other than the rumors and a few testimonies. Miklós Nyiszli is one of such Jewish creators of myths, who, in addition to the exaggerated stories on his boss Dr. Mengele, testified also about the murder of as many as 22 millions (!) people at Auschwitz[5], and he wrote a book, on which a semi-fantastic film "The Grey Zone" was shooted. Also the following testimonies were considered at the Nuremberg Trials, but were refuted later: «…electric conveyor belt on which hundreds of persons could be electrocuted simultaneously [and] then moved on into furnaces. They were burned almost instantly, producing fertilizer for nearby cabbage fields»[6], or «newly invented device to instantaneously vaporize 20,000 Jews near Auschwitz in such a way that there was no trace left of them»[7], or «soap made from human corpses».

In fact, the steam and the insecticides were used in the labour camps just for the sanitary processing of people, who came from the ghetto. So the people protected themselves against typhus and other diseases. Next, in the country destroyed by the war, a mass starvation was added to the diseases, as it evidenced by the dystrophy of prisoners and the heaps of corpses in the liberated camps, which were shooted in photos and films. At the same time, the hundreds of thousands of the unlucky peaceful German citizens (women, children, elderly) were strangled and burned in the firestorms of the carpet British bombing of Hamburg and Dresden. These victims are remembered not as often and profitably as the "burned" Jews.

Thanks to the Holocaust, the German reparations and compensations to the victims, a thriving populous nationalistic State of Israel was created in a desert of the British Palestine.

The Holocaust myths are collected in a science fiction film "Schindler's List" by Spielberg, a Jew from a Hasidic family [3].

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