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The most understandable description of "vimana" is given in the manuscript “Samarangana-sutradhara” (translated by Peter Lancaster Brown [1]): "The body must be strong and durable and built of a light wood, shaped like a bird in flight with wings outstretched. Within it must be placed the mercury engine, with its heating apparatus made of iron underneath. Four strong mercury containers must be built into the interior structure. The iron engine must have properly welded joints to be filled with mercury, and when the fire is conducted to the upper parts, it develops power with the roar of a lion. By means of the energy latent in mercury, the driving whirlwind is set in motion, and the traveller sitting inside the Vimana may travel in the air, to such a distance as to look like a pearl in the sky".

The mercury, as a working mass for the liquid aetheric vortical machine, has really unique properties:

  • Best electrolyte with the lowest electric resistance.
  • Low viscosity at a high density reduces the energy loss and stimulates the vortex production.
  • Low freezing temperature.
  • Low specific heat capacity and heat of vaporization reduces the energy consumption for an evaporation and also for a plasma production.
  • High adiabatic index, which is close to the ideal gas index, maximizes the kinetic energy.

Igor Witkowsky [2] and Nick Cook [3] are the only primary sources of the publicly available information on a secret device of the Third Reich, which is called "Bell" (German: Die Glocke). Apparently, it was the heart of a series of the classified flying discs, the energy source for the propulsion and for the beam weapon. The basis of this device was a complicated radioactive mercury amalgam, which is called "Xerum-525" (word is derived from “serum”). The amalgam container is surrounded by two coaxial hollow metal cylinders, which rotate in the opposite directions when energized. The Nick Cook's description differs in that the cylinders are filled with the pure mercury. The description of this device resembles the work of a very powerful aetheric vortical machine:

  • Strong magnetic field, which certainly affect negatively the nervous system of people.
  • Strong electrostatic field, which requires a protective equipment made of rubber.
  • Ionization causes the device glowing.

The Bell operation, also, was accompanied by a wireless energy transfer into the nearest power mains and a special radiation, which caused the immediate decomposition of the organic matter.

The supposed features are:

  • Energy of "Xerum-525" radiation is directly consumed by the aetheric macrovortex in addition to the aetheric energy.
  • Launched Bell can operate without the additional power supply.

The Red mercury is a substance, which became known in the 1990s as a classified military product of the USSR. It has the high density, the low freezing point, the high toxicity and the radioactivity. It is used allegedly for the detonation of a thermonuclear bomb, or the gauss guns, or the high-power lasers. The substance "Xerum-525" was purple (almost red) in appearance.


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