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The space in a broad metaphysical plane has no any metric, i.e. the distances between the objects are not defined and are not essential. Consequently, it has no dimensionality and volume. The only objects in it are the monads itself with the space-time energy-informational connections between them. The spatial relations imply the parallel connections, and the temporal relations imply the serial connections.

The time, as a set of the consecutive events, in a broad metaphysical plane is nonlinear and spatial.

The spiral is one of the main elements of the time topology. The links between the spiral turns produce the cyclical time. The physical time under the normal conditions is a limiting case of a spiral, which is compressed into a straight line.

The helical spirals are produced by the massive cosmic bodies rotation, which warp the space by their energy.

The astral plane is an esoteric name of a metaphysical space-time, because it is created by the cosmic bodies (Greek “astra”: star).

The general topology of time is similar to a usual tree. The roots of this tree constitute a complicated plexus of the past. The tree trunk is the present time, which is caused by a variety of reasons from the past. The crown of this tree is the future, which branches into many choices.

The past and the future coexist with the present. They are available for observation in the present. The past cannot be changed, because it carries the entire tree. The unfulfilled future variants disappear as the dried tree branches. The visions of the future appear as the prophetic dreams, or as "deja vu".

The long delayed echo (LDE) is a phenomenon of the undistorted repeating of the radio signals, which are generated by the technical radio antennas, but not by the natural sources (such as electrons, etc.). The repeat cycle and the pauses of this echo are not defined, ranging from a few seconds up to a few minutes. The radars, which utilize the cyclotron radiation of electrons in the vacuum devices, do not demonstrate such a phenomenon, which would disrupt their work. This phenomenon is explained by absence of a particular monad (electron, etc.), which is linked to a radio wave.

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