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The life is a process of conversion of energy and information. Each life form has the common properties:

  • Matrix or essence, which characterizes the conversion of energy and information.
  • Growth or a desire to fill all available space by itself or by own parts (children).
  • Transformation or destruction (eating) of the alien life forms, which have another matrices. This is a principle of the immune system.

Some inanimate objects have the properties listed above. These objects can be attributed to the primitive life forms:

  • Universe, which fills the space, where the energy conversion laws exist.
  • Crystals and minerals, which have a property of growth.
  • Viruses, the parasites who multiply using the infected organisms.

The life is based on interaction of two opposite parts of a whole, which is called in the Chinese philosophy "yin" and "yang" associated with the feminine and the masculine, respectively.

There are two interaction types:

  • Complementary, a strong attraction of the opposite complementary objects.
  • Associative, a weak attraction of the similar objects and a repulsion of the dissimilar objects.

The monad with the aetheric annular vortex is a protective force field and a carrier of the life matrix (essence) as well as the stored energy and information (memory). The electric charge of a vortex determines its gender: the positive is "yin", the negative is "yang".

The channel (tunnel) is an aetheric helical vortex, which connects two or more annular vortices by the secure energy-informative connection. The aetheric flow is driven by a stronger partner.

The monads, matrices, and channels simultaneously exist outside the physical space-time, i.e. in a form of the intangible entities, which are materializing in a certain point of space-time.

The materialized matrix has a form of the helical (spiral) aetheric vortices, which have the following properties:

  • Replication. The multiple self-repeating in the surrounding space, forming a biofield or an aura.
  • Reparation. A small amount of the damaged copies of the matrix may be naturally repaired by the prevailing intact information.

The genetics is a science about the life matrices, i.e. the foundation of biology. The matrix basically has an aetheric (field) nature. This has been confirmed yet in the XX century by some biologists, rather biophysicists:

  • Alexander Gurwitsch, an author of the concepts of a biofield or a morphogenetic (morphogenic) field.
  • Vlail Kaznacheev (RAMS academician), an author of «Distant intercellular electromagnetic interaction between two tissue cultures».
  • Peter Gariaev (Ph. D.), an author of the “wave genetics” theory, which is not to be taken seriously, because a biologist knows physics very superficially.
  • Jiang Kandzhen (Chinese) regardless of Gariaev made the similar experiments.
  • Luc Montagnier, a discoverer of the AIDS virus, who also remotely transferred the DNA information into the pure water, while working in China.

The Russian "wave genetics" is now significantly relies on the Shipov’s theory of torsion fields, which the academic science does not accept. The problem of stability and repeatability of the wave (field) genetic experiments is caused by the extraneous biofield influence on the fragile aetheric structures.

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