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«At present Earth is dominated by the machine civilization, the most primitive of all»

(Unknown author)

The technique is an art of the natural abilities amplification, which is expressed by the detailed ways and methods.

The philosophy of technology during several past millennia is the manual labor and the hand tools. The creative innovative process in this area is heading the physics:

The war and defense is a powerful motivation to develop the technology:

  • Bronze Age was spread partly due to the superiority of the bronze shields over a wooden and leather protection.
  • Iron Age was spread due to the steel invention, which remains one of the main structural materials for the weapons and other things.
  • Introduction of the gunpowder led the world to a new age of the machines.
  • A. Nobel had invented dynamite and started the scientific and technological boom of XIX-XX centuries, which was accompanied by the arms race and the imperialist world wars. Many civilian technologies of the modern times either have a defensive origin or are dual-use:
War Military technique Civil technique
I tanks and other armored vehicles tractors, cars
II maneuverable monoplanes,
including light and fast ones with wings beneath the fuselage
radar, radio navigation
anti-aircraft missile prototype Wasserfall,
remote piloting
radio control
cruise missile prototype V-1,
jet supersonic aircrafts
jet supersonic aircrafts
ballistic missile prototype V-2 space rockets
nuclear weapons nuclear reactors
missile control systems automatic control
night vision devices thermography
German proto-transistors[1] microelectronics
German prototype of computer by Konrad Zuse computers
von Neumann machine for ballistics calculations computer architecture
Turing machine for cracking Enigma cipher state machine

The main drivers of the technological progress in the modern era (the last few centuries) were the states with the protestant religion: Germany and United Kingdom with its former colony, United States. The Soviet Union, which was managed by Stalin and Beria, reached the same level for a short time in the XX century.


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