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Corresponding Wikipedia article: Black triangle (UFO)

The first "flying saucers" declassification has accelerated probably a transition from the alchemical magic of the Bell (see "Mercury") to the modern science:

This modernization was in accordance with the most advanced technology of the 1960s:

  • First onboard nuclear reactors have already appeared in the 1960s on the [[wikipedia:Nuclear submarine|submarines].
  • First cyclotrons appeared in the 1930s, and by the 1960s there were already the high energy synchrotrons.
  • The first working MHD generator was built in the 1950s. One of the first powerful MHD generators was developed in the 1960s by «AVCO Everett Aeronautical Research», which is related to the U.S. aerospace and defense industry.
MHD generator

The operation principle of an MHD generator is based on the charge carriers separation, which are moving in a magnetic field. The actual design resembles a liquid jet engine with a special fuel. This generator has the low thermal efficiency (up to 20%), needs a special fuel, and has very complicated expensive design. The practical purposes of this device are formally presented as a small increase (10-20%) in the overall efficiency of a power plant by including the MHD generator as an intermediary before the steam boiler, as well as the special cases of improving the reliability and the quietness. But such generator is an ideal way to tap an energy part from the plasma aetheric vortical machine, which is an engine for a stealth vehicle:

  • Magnetic field is a mandatory feature of the machine.
  • The charge carriers separation is an inevitable phenomenon within the rotating plasma, as well as a way to produce a magnetic field within the mercury.
  • Electrodes can be utilized both for the generation and for the cyclical acceleration of the plasma particles during the machine launching.
  • Reliable and quiet operation without a friction of the solid parts.

Apparently, by the early 1970s, a new technology was already developed. After unsuccessful attempts to use the exotic MHD generators for the thermal power stations, they were gradually forgotten. An energy engineer Hannes Alfven, a prominent specialist in the plasma physics, in 1970 won the prize for an unspecified work on magnetohydrodynamics, which he considered to be the founder. In the same year the Kennedy’s lunar program budget was abruptly cut and this program was finished too early in 1972. At the same time, the interplanetary probes "Mariner" program was finished by the "Voyager" probes, which were sent into the obscurity with the messages for aliens. The official U.S. space program has become low budget and interested in the reusable Shuttles to lift the heavy loads into an orbit.

Footage above Paris at night in 2008

Since the 1980s, the UFOs, which are called the "Belgian triangles", was observed at Belgium massively in 1989-1990, at Chechnya in 2002, at Paris in 2008, and at Moscow in 2011. As you can see, all these locations are not in the active U.S. influence area, and they belong to the developed French-speaking countries and to the Putin's Russia. That is, likely the CIA reconnaissance flights occur under the "aliens" guise.

Back in 1968, a Soviet strategic bomber Tu-16 under command of V.I. Sopov has met a flying triangular platform with the lights in its corners [1].

An eyewitness Andrey Orlov, who served in Chechnya, said: «Early winter of 2002 at 2-3 o'clock in the night I heard the intensive talk from the radio set. I came closer and understood among a chaos of sounds that some stars are flying behind us, down in the valley. I went to the positions from which the western valley, which divides Terek Ridge in halves, was visible. I saw that at the bottom, 200 meters away, the strange object of a transport plane size and a triangular shape with three stars at its corners flied slowly».

The flat faceted shape (not necessarily triangular) significantly reduces the radar cross-section (RCS), and it is a part of the stealth technology. In the 1980s, the well-known stealth turbojet aircrafts F-117 and B-2 Spirit were also developed. They have a horribly bad aerodynamics of the "flying wing", a triangular faceted shape, which does not even provide a supersonic speed. These "flying flatirons" operation started almost at the same time when the "Belgian triangles" came, which look like the stealth aircrafts from a long distance.

TR-3A Black Manta is a classified reconnaissance aircraft of a triangular shape.

Tr3b 1.png

Edgar Fouché is an avionics engineer, who served as an U.S. Air Force sergeant during the Vietnam War (1965–1973). He is a descendant of the Napoleon's Minister of Police Joseph Fouché, and he ascribes to himself the name Rothschild. He became widely known after the mass sightings of the "Belgian triangles" in the 1990s, as the only available expert on the top secret U.S. Air Force aircraft TR-3B Astra (program Aurora).

Part Treatment
Nuclear reactor Energy source in the radiation form, which feeds the aetheric macrovortex and heats the mercury.
Tesla coil Mercury ionization to produce a plasma. Tesla has invented the plasma lamp. Mercury is also used in the fluorescent lamps.
Cobalt 5 magnets Magnetic field source to support the vortex and MHD-generator.
Magnetic field disruptor Toroidal chamber with a mercury plasma vortex. The sustainer engine with a vertical thrust vector.
Multi-mode liquid methane impulse rocket.
Hydrogen-oxygen variable vectored rocket engine
Discrepancy in the names indicates the data unreliability. Probably, it would be more practical to use the additional low-power controlled aetheric vortical machines, as three thrusters, instead of the hot noisy jet engines with the fuel tanks (where are they?). Their clouds of the ionized air are visible in the shots.
Positive charged leading/trailing edge Electrostatic field exists always.
Variable vectored intakes, Alt vectored exhausts Perhaps this is a usual cooling ventilation to reduce the thermal signature. Why the jet thrust and so many nozzles of a non-optimal shape?
Electrochromatic panels Part of the stealth technology. The panels color matches, for example, to the color of sky or clouds.
2nd generation ZSR-63 Defensive management subsystem (radar detector and anti-radar).
Crew compartment People are located near the center of mass, sensing the weightlessness and the minimum g-force.

The triangular shape of TR-3B vehicle, unlike a stealth aircraft, is reasoned by three additional engines in the corners, as three points of support.

Here are the claimed plasma characteristics and the comments to them:

  • Speed of 50,000 rpm. Evaluation (by given drawing) of the vortical machine rotor radius of about 30 m, gives a linear velocity of about 150 km/s, and the mercury ions energy of about 200 GeV. Obviously, the low-power cyclic accelerator gives only the initial push for the aetheric vortex.
  • Pressure of 250 atm., which is mainly the dynamic pressure of the mercury flow.
  • Temperature of 150°К (–123°С), at first sight, is incompatible with the plasma. But the mercury does not condense and do not solidify due to the high energy of its orderly moving particles, which corresponds to the high temperature. As a result, the machine chills itself.

The mercury density, which is estimated by the dynamic pressure formula, is: \[\rho=\frac{2P}{r^2\omega^2}\tag{1}\] So the mercury vapor density is about 2 g/m3. The motionless saturated mercury vapor has such density at about +100°C, and it has the corresponding negligible pressure of 30-40 Pa.

The negligible working mass of the sustainer engine provides the machine total weight loss by 89%. For comparison, the magnetic Searl's disc by Roshchin and Godin gives only 35%.

A smaller aetheric vortical machine inside some classified aircraft crashed into the sea

The U.S. widely use the ballistic rockets and the Space Shuttles for launch and repair the satellites, because it is difficult to hide the satellites presence, and hence their means of delivery. In the recent decades, the U.S. are very little concerned about the manned space exploration by the rockets, and they give gradually this occupation to the private sponsors:

  • The first and last Skylab space station, which represented one redesigned stage of a rocket without an engine, went out of orbit in 1979.
  • The Shuttle design did not change significantly from release of the first sample in 1979 to the last fifth in 1991.
  • Soviet "Buran", which differs from the Space Shuttle by the fully automatic landing, did not attract anyone seriously.
  • Since 1995, the U.S. began to fly on the world's largest Soviet station "Mir", and to launch the U.S. commercial communications satellites on the Soviet rockets.
  • Since 2001, the American millionaire tourists fly on the old Soviet rockets.
  • The entire Space Shuttle program was completed in 2011, and it had not built the scheduled tugs, stations, lunar bases, etc.

According to a common folk theory, the lunar masters on the "flying saucers" interfere to realize the Kennedy’s dream of the Moon colonization. They also were interested in the Apollo on the long road to Moon in advance.

The martian fantasies of the modern private entrepreneurs-amateurs:

  • The first space tourist Dennis Tito, who finances the public space projects, decided to send a rocket with a married couple to fly around Mars. It is proposed the inability of the maneuvers and the flight interruption, as well as the absence of the spacesuits and gateways, to achieve the shortest flight duration (500 days). The astronauts will have 17m3 of free space and the dry food rations of 1.4 kg per day.
  • An average Danish engineer Bas Lansdorp, who worked at first with the local wind power plants, suddenly decided to develop a phased plan of the Mars colonization. He began with the local sponsors attraction, who are not the world-famous, and he created a website to receive the $30 applications from the candidates for astronauts. It’s planned several launches of the new U.S. rockets Falcon Heavy with the specially modified Dragon capsules, which deliver in a one way trip no more than 3 tons of cargo. The hopeless life of the colonists with the limited stocks of air, water and food must be permanently broadcasted, probably on the same website with a paid access. The quote: «This will be one of the biggest events in human history. We are talking about creating a major media spectacle, much bigger than the moon landings or the Olympics».


  1. В. Псаломщиков, Когда Илья-пророк резвится // «Technology–Youth», 1991-05, p. 39

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