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The occult Thule Society was founded in the defeated Germany in 1918 before the Nazis came, who partially came from this society. The Rosicrucians and the Bavarian Illuminati may be considered as the predecessors of this society, name of which comes from the ancient times, when the legend on the Thule Island appeared, which represents the original Aryans homeland: Hyperborea. Hitler came to power and formally banned the Thule Society, but he has established the very similar Ahnenerbe or "Ancestral Heritage" society.

The Vril secret society was a Thule part, and it had a deal with a mystical energy of the same name. This energy is likely an aether, and its name is a form of the word "Whirl" (German: Wirbel).

These societies managed the development and production of the classified electrogravitic spacecrafts (German: Elektrogravitationsraumschiffes) of the Third Reich under the names Vril (brand of Vril) and Haunebu (brand of Thule).

The reprisal weapons (German: Vergeltungswaffe) always worried the Nazis, which are known to start preparing for a future war since the 1920s. The Hitler's military forces were armed by a very latest technology, on which they relied.

Since 1926 the development of the space ballistic missiles (V-2 prototypes) started. Their engines were operating on a liquid fuel, because the solid-fuel missiles were banned by the Versailles Treaty. This has determined the development way of the worldwide rocket technology.

Apparently, at the same time, the secret knowledge of Thule and Vril helped to create the first top-secret anti-gravity vehicles, which could be confused with the rockets at the high speeds, and with the zeppelins at the low speeds, which flew everywhere since the century beginning. Of course, some first samples were crashed: a cigar-shaped UFO exploded near the Uralian city Karpinsk in 1927, a cigar-shaped UFO fallen into the Karelian lake Vedlozero in 1928.

In 1937, the "Hindenburg" was crashed and had put an end to the commercial airships era. Thereafter also the cigar-shaped UFOs are observed much less frequently.

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