Evolutionary level

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The evolutionary level of the life form is determined by a complexity of its nature in the informational terms.

The lower forms usually are the food for the higher forms. Hence, the food chains are constructing.

The habitat and the perception range are evolving in the direction of increase in energy of the states of matter: "ground" - "water" - "air", etc.

Element State
Aether Radiation
Fire Plasma
Air Gas
Water Liquid
Ground Solid
Structure of life, which depends on its informational development level
Mineral Protozoon, plant Animal Human
Environment Sensitivity Extrasensory perception
Nervous system, sensory organs Vision, hearing, perception
Liquid Circulatory and hormonal systems, breathing Speech, manual labor
Energy, feelings
Crystal DNA Locomotor system Emotions, motion
Digestive and reproductive systems Pleasure (food, motion, sex)
Nutrition, reproduction
ground eats minerals eats plants and animals eats plants and animals
distinguishes light and obstacles distinguishes light, void, liquid and hardness distinguishes also gas, plasma and vacuum (aether)

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