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Unity of predictions

The global changes, which are called the"end time", are predicted by many beliefs:

Religion Date Description
Hinduism End of Kali Yuga
(see "Astrology")
God Vishnu incarnates (avatar Kalki), kills enemies, destroys the old world, and prepares it to the spiritual rebirth.

The Buddhists also believe in the Maitreya's manifestation.

Zoroastrianism 3 thousands years since Zoroaster[1] The Kingdom of light, the immortality, the resurrection of the dead. The sinners are burning in the molten copper.
Judaism 2240 (6000th year since creation of the world) The Mashiach (Messiah) comes.
Christianity ? The Kingdom of God. Destruction of the mankind as in the Flood (Matthew 24:37), which acts as a net (Luke 21:35).
Norse mythology ? Ragnarök, Twilight of Gods and humans after the war and the moral chaos. Then the gods will rise and the world will be reborn.
Maya mythology 2012 God of changes comes: Bolon Yokte.

Fifth Sun

The myth of the "Five Suns" and of the world destruction at the end of each of them does not exist in the Mayan epics "Popol Vuh" and "Chilam Balam". The origin of this myth as well as the description of the Aztec Sun Stone are unknown. Some Aztec Codex Vaticanus is also mentioned as a source. A theory on the origin of the warlike Aztecs is described in Ch. "Inca, Ynglings and Knights Templar". Perhaps, this myth was invented by the Jesuits, who have to confirm the Bible. According to it, the "Fourth Sun" was killed by a flood like the Biblical Flood (about 2 thousand years BC), and the "Fifth Sun" as well as all the previous ones should die. This would be the biblical end of the world.

The Aztec Sun Stone is just a simple convenient crop (civil) solar calendar. This could be proven by a sane reasoning:

Aztec stone1 en.png Aztec stone2.png

The image of a sun god at the center indicates, that this is a solar calendar. The four signs are shown at four places around the center: a jaguar, a wind, a rain and a water. The calendar symbols obviously should represent the cyclical periods. But the experts explain, that these are the signs of the past four "Suns", which will not come again but depicted so carefully for some reason. The indication of the tropical seasons would be more reasonable:

Sign Explanation of experts Alternative explanation
jaguar 1st sun was devoured by the jaguars from underground. Winter is the best time in Mexico
Jaguar is a sacred animal of the Aztecs.
wind 2nd sun was destroyed by the hurricanes, which transformed the people into the monkeys. Autumn is a time of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes.
rain 3rd sun was destroyed by the rain of fire. May-October is a period of the tropical rains in the southern Mexico.
water 4th sun was flooded. This had transformed the people into fish.

Thus, the time counting is clockwise (the sun motion direction in the northern hemisphere). The arrow between the wind and the jaguar indicates probably the winter solstice and the beginning of a year.

This embossed calendar is divided into the areas, on which any pieces can be moved to count the time. As the distance from the center increased, the calendar rings probably represent the shorter time periods:

  • The central ring of four places can be used to count four years, one of which is a leap year.
  • The ring of 20 signs, which have the names, is a year of the 20 periods of 18 + 5 days each. A common year consists of 365 = 20 x 18 + 5 days. The start of a year indicates the arrow from the center. In contrast, the experts believe that a year consists of the 18 periods of 20 + 5 days each.
  • Two symmetrical semirings of 18 + 5 places are used to count the days in a period. The 18 basic places are divided into the two groups of 10 and 10-2 for the easy counting, and the additional 5 white places are located remotely (above the snake heads).
  • According to the experts, when the Stone is oriented to the cardinal directions, the outer rings are used as a solar (and possibly a moon) clock to determine the time of a day. The rings are depicted as the snakes, which symbolize a rotation of the celestial sphere.


Apocalypse is a Greek word, which means a revelation. The Biblical Revelation is a presentation of the Alexander the Great history by some Persian writer with some Christian postscripts, which include the prophecy of the First Crusade (the last three chapters). This prophecy was added probably after its fulfillment. The Persian faith (Zoroastrianism) is a relative of the Christianity, which have the Eastern origins too (see “Buddha, Christ and Krishna”). The paganism is unequivocally condemned by both religions.

Glossary of the revelation:

  • To be in the Spirit, to receive information in the state of a meditation, a trance.
  • Seal of a God's servant is a "mark" of a slave, who belongs to any god-master, and which is put on a forehead or a hand.
  • Book of life is a list of the righteous God's servants.
  • To rule with a rod of iron to manage the God's servants.
  • Angel is a herald, a messenger.
  • Agnus (Lamb) is a carrier of the divine fire (Sanskrit: agni).
  • Babylon is literally a Mesopotamian capital of the Macedonian Empire, but not Rome as some Christians think.
  • Whore of Babylon is the Assyrian-Babylonian goddess Ishtar (Greek: Astarte, Hebrew: Esther) and the biblical Esther at the same time.
  • Beast is a pagan, Antichrist, Alexander the Great followed by the Seleucids. Alexander had a lot of injuries, which included a head injure (Revelation 13: 3). The conquest of Asia Minor and Persia (a basic part of the biblical world) lasted 3-4 years according to the official history, and 42 months according to the Bible (Revelation 13: 5).
  • Image of the beast is the Alexander image in the sculptures (Revelation 13: 14) as well as on the coins with a Hercules's headdress (a lion head) or the Zeus-Ammon's horns. The beast had the horns (Revelation 13: 1) and was like a leopard with a lion's mouth (Revelation 13: 2). Alexander had created one of the first unified monetary systems, and all the coins, for which the goods could be bought or sold, were minted with his image (Revelation 13: 17).
  • Number 666 (Revelation 13: 18) is the numerical value of a phrase "King of Israel" in Hebrew (ha-melech-le-Israel) according to the gematria rules (see "Writing"). Alexander had conquered Judea and Egypt without a battle and a destruction, that is, they were under his protection, as if he was their elected king.
  • Armageddon is a Greek pronunciation of the "Har-Megiddo" (the Macedonian mountain).
  • People of Gog and Magog is the Mohammedan goyim (the Seljuk Turks).
Explanation of the Revelation
Chapter Description
1 Introduction.
2,3 Guidelines for the church communities.
4-6 Start of presentation. The astrological signs and the Zoroastrian sign of a flying eagle (Faravahar) (Revelation 4: 7). The six-winged monsters (Revelation 4: 8) are the seraphim.
7 "Tagging" the righteous God's servants.
8,9 Punishment of the "untagged" sinners.
10 Getting of some secret knowledge.
11 Two unknown prophets must act during the beast reign. A little is known on the history of Zoroastrianism.
12 The birth of a certain child, and the protection of him against the beast, who had been thrown down from the heaven into the earth.
13 The fierce beast emerged on the earth (Alexander the Great).
14-16 The Diadochi wars, the diseases, the drought, a shallowing of the Euphrates. The Sassanid Persian kings arrived from the east (Revelation 16: 12).
17,18 Victory over the Whore of Babylon. The restoration of Zoroastrianism.
19 Establishment of a theocratic state. The King of kings (Revelation 19: 16) is a Shahanshah, a title of the Persian kings, which was introduced by the Sassanids. The white clothes (Revelation 19: 14) are traditional for the Zoroastrians.
20 The deceived nations of Gog and Magog in the four quarters of the earth are the Seljuk Turks, who had already conquered the whole Biblical world (former Sasanian Empire), had captured the Jerusalem now.

The first crusade had liberated the Holy Land.

21 The liberated Jerusalem was rebuilt.
22 Conclusion.


The Christians believed that the beast is the mythical Roman Emperor Nero. Allegedly, his name "Neron Kaisar" written in Hebrew has a value 666. But this is his name in Greek, and his real name is Nero, which has a value of 616. In this regard, they said that the number 616 was written instead of 666 in some old versions of the Revelation.

Some incompetent modern Christians forget that the Bible authors did not use a positional numeral system, in which the number 666 is written as three digits of six. Consequently, the Revelation author did not talk about the three sixes. But the Christians found three sixes in the barcodes and also in the pages of the Russian passports [2]. Moreover, if they know nothing either about the electronic money or the implantable chips, they declare that these things are based allegedly on the same barcode, which just marks the encoded products.

The real Antichrist is really the "King of Israel", who the ruler of Jews (the Lucifer), according to the Jewish Kabbalah, which is based on the Old Testament of the Bible. The three state religions were resisting against the Lucifer power: the Zoroastrianism, which was destroyed long ago, the Islam, and the Russian Orthodox Christianity, which short history was finished in the XX century. The entire Old Testament was included into the Russian edition of the Bible with a great difficulty[3].

The Lucifer (Kabbalah) now covered almost entire Earth except some sparsely populated regions of Siberia and the Extreme North (see the books of a historian Sidorov G.A.).

The Concept of Social Security (CSS) is a new religious and philosophical trend, which opposes the Lucifer (Global Predictor).

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