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Alt - Sci
Alternative science
Publicity film as an introduction

This project is dedicated to a revision and a conversion of the well-known ideas in physics, chemistry, biology and history. It is not recommended for the existing education system, but it may be interesting for such participants as:

  • Critics of the Einstein's theory of relativity.
  • Supporters of the aether or the torsion field.
  • Critics of the Schrödinger's and Dirac's quantum mechanics.
  • Critics of the thermodynamics, researchers of the alternative energy sources.
  • Supporters of the wave genetics.
  • Supporters of the alternative historical chronology.
  • Conspiracy theorists and supporters of CSS, CPS, COB.
  • Ufologists.

This project does not consider the pseudoscientific topics:

At the present stage, the whole information is represented as a brief wiki-book with many links to Wikipedia and to other resources. The English text may be weird because of the incorrect translation from the Russian original source. The physical and mathematical training is recommended for the reading. The biologists can skip the topics, which are unclear for them. People with a humanities degree may read only the "Human" chapters.

Near future:

  • Partial rewriting of the materials into the separated articles, which should replace the current Wikipedia articles.
  • Opening the dedicated forum, if there will be many participants.

Linking to this website is required when copying.

The answers for all questions are here.

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