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The conception of social security (CSS) or public safety (CPS) is another attempt to admonish the Jews of the true path and to create an opposition to Zionism, i.e. an alternative way of globalization. The previous attempt to correct the perversions of Judaism in the VII century was Islam, which also was created with a Slavonic participation, according to the ethymology of some terms. The new doctrine also claims to be an alternative to the Bible, and it is also a part of Semitic culture:

Comparison of Islam and CSS (CPS, COB)
God One impersonal creator, the highest hierarch
Manifestation of God Miracles, trials, punishments Conscience, life circumstances
Scripture Quran (in verse) and Sunnah "Dead Water" and other books by IP USSR
Prophet Muhammad is a founder of Arabic literature Poet Alexander Pushkin with African roots is the pinnacle of Russian literature
Human Humble servant of Allah Real human shows his potential in the God's Providence,
otherwise, he is a demon, a zombie or an animal
Knowledge Furqan (criterion) Criterion
State Theocracy
Money Gold dinar Units of energy
Usury Banned
Speculation Deprecated
Gambling Banned Not considered
Alcohol, drugs Banned Genetic weapon
Homosexuality Banned Disease
Matriarchy Banned Animal type
Scientific direction Algebra Sociocybernetics
Scientific paradigm
Part of tri-unity Description
Matter Space entirely consists of moving and varying matter (see "Aether theory").
Information Information does not depend on its embodiment and its units of time, frequency, length, etc. (see section "Information").
Measure Information is embodied in the units of length, frequency, etc.
Time is a phase of cycle of a life process (see "Live time").

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